About us

Andes Drifters is a US based LLC, Argentina Fly Fishing Specialists. Our operational headquartes is located in San Martin de los Andes, Northern Patagonia from where we manage serveral exclusive lodges for our dorado and trout fly fishing operations.
Our dedicated team of professionals is fully committed to providing our guests with the highest standard of service.
From your trip´s beginning until your return home, we take care of all the details no matter how small. The satisfaction of our guests is our utmost concern, and is why so many return year after year.


Gustavo Hiebaum
Partner & Operational Manager

Gustavo is a founder and Managing Partner of Andes Drifters grew up in Bahia Blanca a small town south of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast. Gustavo developed a deep passion for fishing at a very young age. His parents would routinely take him on family vacations to Patagonia.After almost 20 years in the fly fishing industry Gustavo has not lost any of his passion for this sport. He is continually looking out for new ventures around the country, training new guides and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.Through the years Gustavo discovered his new passion was to introduce international guess to Argentine culture and share his loved country with all our guests. His goal is to make sure each visitor fell in love with Argentina and keep returning on trips every year.
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Kevin Howell
Managing Partner

Kevin grew up in Brevard, North Carolina and has had the opportunity to fish around the world. As owner of Davidson River Outfitters, Kevin met the Hiebaum’s several years ago on a hosted trip to Argentina. Kevin is currently an Umpqua Feather Merchant, signature fly designer, and a member of the Farbank Pro Staff where he works with Sage, Redington and Rio Products. Kevin has also authored several magazine articles, books and is past Fly Fishing Master’s National Champion.Kevin uses his experience in the industry to assist in all marketing aspects, as well as helping develop new programs and products for us to offer our clients.
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Andres Martinez
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

Andres grew up along the Rio Parana River where he got involved with the passion of fishing. After a successful career as marketing manager for John Deer in South America decided to pursue his passion of fly fishing for Dorado. He partnered up with Marcelo Callegaris and in association with Andes Drifters they have created in 2013 Parana on the Fly Lodge. He know runs and guides for this successful lodge and is in continuous search for new waters and techniques to chase Dorado and training new guides for our programs.

Marcelo Callegaris
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

He is one of the most knowledgeable Dorado angler period and pioneer guiding on the upper Parana River having Marcelo running the operational guarantee that our anglers will have the best strategies and fishing plans every day. Flies patterns designer and developer of new techniques to chase Dorado, Pacu and Pira-Pita Marcelo have revolution this fishery to become an international recognized destination.

Marketing & Sales

Gonzalo Flego
North Patagonia Head Guide – Marketing & Sales

Gonzalo was born in Campana near Buenos Aires. His father’s work took Gonzalo all over Argentina while he was young. His introduction to fly fishing was with his father. By the time Gonzalo reached college he had decided that he really wanted to chase the real passion of his life; so he moved to San Martin to finish college where he earned a degree in tourism. Gonzalo has now with Andes Drifters for over 12 years to become the head guide for North Patagonia waters. He is now actively involved on sales and marketing for the company working year around to create new opportunities to our guests. If you are looking for a very active, very enthusiastic guide, Gonzalo is the guide for you. He will spend a lot of time trying to get you on the best fishing in Patagonia.
+54 92944 485111

Chip Drozenski
Sales Manager

On the early stage of the company Chip came for a first time visit to celebrate his retirement from his career on IBM. Soon enough he became a key part of the business mentoring Gustavo on how t grow the company. He and his wife Maureen have traveled all over the country and have fished every corner of good fishing waters in Argentina. He developed our lifestyle & adventure side of the company planning amazing vacations for families and couples along the most exciting destinations on the country. He will be a grea person to talk in oder to start planning oyur next visit to Argentina.

Kevin Landon

After a life of fly-fishing all over North America and a career on Investment Banking. Kevin started to travel to Argentina and Chile and fished with multiple Lodges and Operations several years ago. In 2016 visited and fish with Andes Drifters and after having an incredible experience he decide to become part of the company and promote the business around his network in Colorado and afterwards on several neighbor states. Kevin has formed in this past seasons a deep knowledge about Andes Drifters offers and will be an excellent person to work with in order to start panning your next trip to Argentina. Kevin hosts at least a couple of trips every year on different Andes Drifters venues so if you’re looking to join a trip be sure to talk to him, he will be a grateful host.
720 425 6270

Martin Castañeda
Marketing & Communication – Social Media – Trout Guide

Trained as Graphic Designer & Communication from University of Buenos Aires 20 years ago he decided to leave Buenos Aires and to establish in San Martin searching for a quality life to grow his family. Early on his Patagonian adventure he got involved with fly fishing and discovered the new passion of his life, after few years of exploring the region he became a professional guide. For the last 10 years he has became an important part of our team been the most creative, fun and outgoing personality. Also Martin is in charge of our social media and developing marketing material as photos, videos, etc. If you are looking for a fun guide to be with and outgoing personality, he will be perfect match.
+54 92944 689 570


Bruce Dancik
Company Ambassador in Canada

Besides being a retired professor of University of Alberta and a current member of the Royal Society of Canada Bruce has a life of experience fly fishing all over North America, New Zealand and Argentina. He and his wife Brenda have been fly fishing and travelling around Argentina with Andes Drifters for over 15 years and have developed a deep expertise on the region. They are now ambassadors of the company talking with people about their experiences and helping them to plan their dream vacation to Argentina.
780 452 3149

Renee Fitts
Company Ambassador in California

Renee is a retired lawyer from San Francisco Bay Area that has developed a late career as a fly fisher lady reaching destinations around the world such as Alaska, Belize and Argentina for trout & Dorado. Her incomparable passion for fly fish have taken her to fish with Andes Drifters 5 years ago and from then and on she has continue fishing at least twice a year on Andes Drifters experiences. Recently she became an Ambassador of our company and she is now hosting fun groups of anglers on the different Andes Drifters venues. Be sure to check on next Renee’s Hosted Trip where you will have a great time on any of her next adventures.
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