Andres Martinez
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

Andres grew up along the Rio Parana River where he got involved with the passion of fishing. After a successful career as marketing manager for John Deer in South America decided to pursue his passion of fly fishing for Dorado. He partnered up with Marcelo Callegaris and in association with Andes Drifters they have created in 2013 Parana on the Fly Lodge. He know runs and guides for this successful lodge and is in continuous search for new waters and techniques to chase Dorado and training new guides for our programs.

Marcelo Callegaris
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

He is one of the most knowledgeable Dorado angler period and pioneer guiding on the upper Parana River having Marcelo running the operational guarantee that our anglers will have the best strategies and fishing plans every day. Flies patterns designer and developer of new techniques to chase Dorado, Pacu and Pira-Pita Marcelo have revolution this fishery to become an international recognized destination.

Carlos Caballi
Paraná on the Fly Guide

Fan of fly fishing Dorados, decided to leave the engineering to devote 100% to guide fishermen from all over the world in the mystical waters of Alto Paraná. Today it is probably one of the most suitable guides in Argentina guiding these waters. Mobilized by his passion, he starts his days very early receiving the sun in a fishing spot.

Lucas de Zan
Paraná on the Fly Guide

Guide of profession, has caught Dorados in different waters of Argentina. Today he has a successful operation in Gualeguay, city that saw him born. During the Spring-Summer season with Carlos they guide and manage ParanaOnTheFly Lodge - Alto Paraná. Meticulous and passionate, he delights anglers from all over the world with his music and his smile.

Lucas Mora
Paraná on the Fly Guide

Despite being the youngest of the team, Lucas has several seasons guiding in Bolivia during the Winter and in the Alto Paraná during the summer. Full of energy and passion, he gives us his kindness and enthusiasm to all of us who share time with him. Today, your "launch clinics" are famous before the start of the fishing week!

Orlando Gonzalez
Paraná on the Fly Cheff

A native of the small town of Puerto Rzepecki, Orlando has been part of the team since this dream began. Today, with more than 6 years in front of the kitchen of ParanaOnTheFly, it delights us with its unique menus that unite the traditional of the province of Corrientes with the best of international cuisine.

Emi Basalo
Paraná on the Fly Guide

With his kindness and charisma, Emi has guided in South America and Europe for more than 20 years. A team player who shares all his experiences to provide the best service for the customer.

Nicolás García
Paraná on the Fly Guide

Calm and respectful, Nico gets up every morning with hope of finding those hidden Golds of the marsh. With his calm temper and his great professionalism he is always ready for a new adventure.

Susana Verón
Paraná on the Fly Cheff - Ibera Wetlands

Daughter of “mariscadores” (hunters of the marsh) Susana knows better than anyone the native Paraguayan-Argentine cuisine. Together with Orlando they combine unique menus to delight our guests from all over the world.