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Spring Creek Lodge’s is home for the Andes Drifters Quail Program.  The lodge, located on the banks of the upper Chimehuin River, has a 12-guest capacity. Six cabañas each feature two individual bedrooms with a shared bath, living room and outdoor porch. Gourmet dinners are served in the clubhouse while you enjoy the stunning views of the Lanin Volcano. The clubhouse also has a common sitting area and bar to enjoy a glass of wine, or your favorite beverage, after a day in the field.
California Valley Quail, Callipepla Californica, were introduced to our part of the world over five decades ago. Our location in Junin de los Andes has provided the perfect elevation, climate and terrain for these birds to thrive. If you’re a bird hunter and enjoy fall fishing this is “the program” for you.

We have leased five different properties each with diverse terrain and scenery. This will allow you to hunt a different location every day over fresh birds. We know of no other operation in the area that can make this offering. Each covey holds between 30 to 80 birds. One of the major differences of our birds and their North American cousins is their ability to hold position as opposed to running prior to taking flight. This ability to hold position increases the odds for success and enjoyment.

How To Get Here

The closest airport is San Martin de los Andes (CPC), which is located 20 minutes from the lodge. Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines offers 2 daily direct flights from Buenos Aires.
Another alternative is the Bariloche Airport (BRC), which is a 3-hour drive to Spring Creek Lodge. This airport is served by 12 daily direct flights from Buenos Aires and other cities within Argentina. Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines and LATAM Airlines both provide direct daily flights from Buenos Aires.

The Outings

The field hunts are exclusively by foot with one guide for every two hunters plus and one or two dogs. On a typical day you will encounter 6 to 8 coveys with each covey holding between 30 to 80 birds. Our daily limit is set at 10 quails per hunter. Additionally, we also limit the number of birds killed per covey to four per day. Since these are 100% wild birds our goal is to maintain a sustainable and health bird population.
The ranches that we hunt range in size from 20,000 to 80,000 acres. Several of these properties are only a 10 to 15 minute drive from the lodge. Each location has distinctly different and diverse terrain and each offers a variety of shooting angles. More importantly, you will be walking fresh coveys of wild birds that have experience very low hunting pressure. All of these untracked properties are loaded with wild quail that is guaranteed to create a hunting experience of a lifetime.

Other Activities

Due to our close proximity to San Martin de los Andes our guests can experience a cultural immersion through a variety of different activities. We offer numerous options for visitors seeking either outdoors or lifestyle experiences.
Our specialized tour guides will help you participate in and enjoy a wide-range of activities: archeology tours, cooking workshops, spa sessions, visits to artists and ateliers, photography workshops, golf, bird watching, sightseeing tours, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, white water rafting, zip lining, bike rides, and the list goes on.

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Valley Quail sample program
Our policy is to adjust the program to the guest preferences and fishing styles, however here you will find listed what a typical valley quail hunt and trout fishing combination program looks like.

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    In order to offer the best hunting opportunities in Northern Patagonia we began a partnership with Alejandro Cruces in 2012. That partnership resulted in the creation of Andino Hunt and our Red Stag hunting program at the exclusive Cabeza de Zorro Ranch. Building upon our success we have now expanded to also offer what we consider to be the best Quail hunting in Northern Patagonia. Both of these programs offer the highest quality experience and excellent service that our guests deserve and expect.

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