Red Stag hunt – North Patagonia

We exclusively manage over 120,000 acres at Estancia Cabeza de Zorro and a neighbor ranch. The properties possess a large year round resident population of wild stag. In addition, during the rutting season we receive bucks from the higher Andes Mountain Ranges. The terrain is varied with a combination of forested areas and bush covered open steppe valleys.

How to get there

The closest airport is San Martin de los Andes Chapelco Airport (CPC). Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines offers 2 daily direct flights from Buenos Aires. Spring Creek Lodge is only a 20-minute drive from the airport.

An alternative airport is in Bariloche (BRC), which has a 3-hour driving distance to Spring Creek Lodge. Bariloche Airport is served with 12 daily direct flights from Buenos Aires and other cities within Argentina. Both Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM Airlines provide air service.

The Hunt

Our goal is to provide our guests with unique and authentic hunting experiences. Alejandro Cruces and the rest of his guide team will assist you locating and stalking the trophy of your dreams. We welcome both riffle and bow hunters and offer a high degree of success with either program.

Our property also provides great opportunities to chase wild boars with bow and arrow. This is an ideal experience for those who are new to the sport or those that have been at it for years. Boar hunting normally takes place at the conclusion of the stag hunt.

Our daily outings normally are split in two hunting sessions – morning and evening. The morning hunt departs from the lodge prior to sunrise. Trucks will pick you up at the lodge and transport you nearby to today’s hunting area. From there you will begin the hunt on foot. The morning session concludes after 4 to 5 hours at which time you will return to the lodge for lunch and some rest and relaxation. The evening session starts 2 to 3 hours before sunset. When hunting has concluded you will be driven back to the lodge for dinner.

Hunting takes place on free-range land and all stags are 100% wild. The guides have the option to adjust the day’s program to a longer outing when chasing a trophy.

We like to understand every hunter’s style and preferences and plan the hunts accordingly.

Our bow and arrow hunting expertise has been developed over the last 10 years. We are able to position most our hunters to within 30/40 yards shooting range of their trophy stag. The bow hunter’s willingness to walk longer distances to gain the best approach and shooting angle are a critical aspect of a successful hunting strategy.

Other Activities

Being so close San martin de los Andes, allows our guests to experience a cultural inmersion with lots of different activities, range goes from Outdoor lovers all the way to lifestyle activities.

Our tour guides specialists will take you to a width range of activities: Archeology tours, Cooking workshops, spa sessions, visits to artists ateliers, photography workshops, golf, birdwatching, sightseeing tours, hiking, horsebackriding, kayaking, white water rafting, zip lines, bike rides, and the list goes on.
All this makes SCL an ideal destination to plan a family vacations combining great fishing with other exciting activities for all the group.

We have developed over last 10 years an expertise on bow and arrow hunts. We are able to set most our hunters within 30/40 yards shooting range opportunities to trophy stags during the outings. We have found critical for the success of bow and arrow hunts the willingness of hunters to walk longer distances in order to serve best approach strategies to the trophies.

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Red Stag Hunt sample program
Our policy is to adjust the program to the guest preferences and hunting styles, however here you will find listed what a typical big game hunting program looks like.

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    In order to offer the best hunting opportunities in Northern Patagonia we began a partnership with Alejandro Cruces in 2012. That partnership resulted in the creation of Andino Hunt and our Red Stag hunting program at the exclusive Cabeza de Zorro Ranch. Building upon our success we have now expanded to also offer what we consider to be the best Quail hunting in Northern Patagonia. Both of these programs offer the highest quality experience and excellent service that our guests deserve and expect.

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